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What is all this crap on the side of my screen

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2 years ago#81
It's pretty damn awful having over one-third of your screen being useless, and the board content squashed over to the left.

Just to throw some "recommendations" in, and an utterly useless personal notes field? This is just bad.
2 years ago#82
Gamefaqs hasn't changed for the better since before the Gamespot merger.
2 years ago#83
Use Lynx web browser
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2 years ago#84
Wow guys, I totally wanted to see a picture of MS DOS when discussing modern PC games! *facepalm*
2 years ago#85
ghostemp77 posted...
Use Lynx web browser

ages and ages ago I used Lynx to browse Gamefaqs. I'm not sure how it happened but I remember complaining to CJayC that some pages looked really messed up in Lynx and he made sure to ask me what it was exactly and he did his best to fix it so the site would look good in a text only browser. This was proabably 1997 or 1998 and I was on the internet with an old beat up Amiga 1000 through a Unix shell account at a small-time ISP. My modem did 9600bps at the time and so lynx was pretty much the only way I would have dared to browse the web anyway.

But who knows if lynx would work well on this site now or not...

Actually I just tried it... I'm getting lots of "**Bad HTML!! Use -trace to diagnose**" errors but it seems to work...
2 years ago#86
It's ugly.
Play hard or go home
2 years ago#87
Windows DOS boxart... all hail DOS boxart!
2 years ago#88
who thought this was a good idea, fire them.
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2 years ago#89
cody4783 posted...

Annnd all is right in the world. Using the CSS one in Stylish (On Firefox), myself.
Also, this is the only time it's acceptable to post in Code font. When it' know, code.

Thanks, was just about to check the bloodmoney boards. <3 stylish so much.

And for added wtfness -
(message deleted)
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