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Gonna get a PC first time in some years, some tips on games i may not know?

#11SinisterSlayPosted 7/23/2014 9:23:59 AM
AE_ posted...
Nice, i remember reading about La Mulana a while back, had forgotten about it. That mount & blade looks intriguing, i saw a couple of gameplay, haven't figured out exactly what it is about. Just found out it was released on mac just recently, gonna check if there is a demo for osx too.

Last I heard the game on Mac was horribly broken.
I am guessing only 1 or 2 people are working on it while the rest are working on bannerlord.
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#12PsythikPosted 7/23/2014 11:59:36 AM
Asellus posted...
AE_ posted...
Team fortress 2? i have played that on xbox360 i think. I thought that game was pretty dead. I actually do not like them that much (may be due to only playing console for a while, and controller is not optimal).

The pc version's a completely different beast, it might as well be a different game by now. It's also about the second most played fps out there after Counter-Strike so no shortage of players either.
Seriously. You can't even compare the two. IIRC the console version still has the same six original stock maps and no server mods, custom maps, trading, etc. Valve updated console TF2 maybe once and then promptly ditched it to work on the PC version. You can't even compare the two.
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