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So, how's The Crew?

#11cody4783Posted 7/25/2014 3:20:45 PM
Yeah...It's...alright. Runs like arse at times on my aging system, but I expected that given my CPU is below minimum spec.

Otherwise...It's OK. Wheel support is finicky right now and I get a lot of "Death Wobble" going on, had to add a deadzone and up my rotation lock to cut back on that. Other than that, the game feels pretty good overall, LOTS of car porn and stripping and gutting cars to show what parts you're changing...which is goood....Also, Rally/Raid spec cars, while completely freaking ridiculous looking, have immediately earned a spot in my "Do want" list.

Map is smaller than they made it sound. I hit an objective marker while in the first city of Chicago, and not realizing it until after it took 15-ish minutes of straight-line driving through corn fields with the cops on my bumper...I realized I was drove from Chicago to St. Louis in that time frame. Not the most scenic cross-country trip, but whatever, I'm not complaining much.

Only wish is that it ran better and wheel support wasn't wonky....sad that my computer isn't able to handle it, meaning I'll probably wait until after release to pick it up on sale.