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The Sims 2 Ultimate Collection free on Origin

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2 years ago#61
Ughh this makes me wish I hadn't deleted my old Sims 2 families. Back when Sims 3 came out and I was strapped for HDD space (before 1 TB drives were affordable), I uninstalled the game thinking that 3 would naturally be better than 2. Boy was I wrong.
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2 years ago#62
Thanks for the heads-up, TC.
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2 years ago#63
Sims 3 is the better game, IMO. It fixed everything that annoyed me in Sims 2, although there are a couple of things that Sims 2 does better.

BTW guys, once you DL Sims 2 Ultimate, you do NOT NEED ORIGIN to play the game. It runs outside as well as inside.
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2 years ago#64
Is there no end to EA's evil?
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2 years ago#65
I hate the Sims, and don't want to use Origin, but I'm downloading this anyway.... What is wrong with me?
2 years ago#66
Okay, a couple of quick questions...

How big is the download?

Is this locked to a specific computer? The article about it on EA's site ( says, "Log into Origin and download and play the game any time you want ." I'm wondering if that means you can redownload it again on another computer, so long as you have access to the Origin account.

Also, I'm waiting to get my Mac back up and running... assuming there IS a Mac version of the Ultimate package, if I download this on my Windows systems, can I download the Mac version on my Mac? :)
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2 years ago#67
Ultimate is 12.5GB.

I've been able to DL SimCity on my PC and my laptop (although it runs like crap on the laptop).
Max: "I think he just needs a hug, or a sharp blow to the head."
2 years ago#68
Ah, okay. At least, if you can download it whenever you want, I don't have to worry about trying to free up a bunch of space on my main system now. :) (I'd have to remove some other, old games, that's all.)

My Mac actually has far more available space, but if I can only download a PC version, it wouldn't help. :D
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2 years ago#69
Now if I could just fix those shadows without downgrading my nvidia drivers I'd be all set.
The game takes forever to load on my i7. I am scared to see how long it takes to load on my old XP machine but it might render better as it's only using the 314 drivers, but it's also a 9600gt so the framerate might suck.
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2 years ago#70
I have an Origin account but I haven't downloaded Origin, I've just redeemed the code online, where do I download it, or do I need to install Origin for that to be available?
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