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Can you transfer Windows from HDD to SSD?

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2 years ago#1
Just bought my first SSD, and I'd prefer to keep my current HDD installed, but want to move only windows itself and not anything installed on it, and everything else left on the HDD. Is this possible?

As a secondary question, if it isn't I planned on doing a clean windows install to the SSD and using the HDD as a secondary and really don't want to pay for another copy of Microsoft Office, so could I transfer onto that anyway? I'd just copy the contents of the Q drive it installed, but I can't touch it.

Thanks in advance all.
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2 years ago#2
Its possible, but doing a clean install is much better.

Edit: Also as long as you have the product key for office, you just need to uninstall it from the old windows install, and install it on the new one.
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2 years ago#3
Office is transferable as long as you have the CD key. You can't just transfer the OS. It's all or nothing (assuming everything is on one partition).
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2 years ago#4
You probably could, but assuming you want to leave programs installed on the HDD it'll be easier to just reinstall WIndows.

You should have your license code for Office, right? You can re-install it and just use the same code.It's not something you're only allowed to install once EVER.
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2 years ago#5
Uninstalling it allows the key to be used again, then? Awesome.

Also I did a bit more research and just decided to do a clean install. My HDD is 1TB with only a small restore partition basically, so moving the entire drive over looks like a no go. No external HDD either to make an image. Thanks for all the info everyone.
History is only as accurate as the Author of the Book.
2 years ago#6
It checks your hardware. I'm pretty sure uninstalling it has nothing to do with it.
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