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Router recommendations.

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2 years ago#11
2 years ago#12
get something with a dual band signal. The 5ghz is real nice, getting close to a wired connection. I have a netgear one but I don't remember the exact model number. Had it a few years now and love it.

Im sure Linksys has some good ones too.
2 years ago#13
How many devices, how much traffic, do you use the 5hz band on any device?
Lieb ohne Seele...
2 years ago#14
Another WRT54g.

Seriously, the thing is a damn work horse.
Have you accepted Raspberyl as your loli and savior?
2 years ago#15
I think i'll order the TP Link n300. Thanks guys.
2 years ago#16
Decided on this at the last second.
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