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New Bioshock game or dlc announcement imminent!

#11dementedlullabyPosted 7/24/2014 9:11:33 PM
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Garage_Man posted...
Yep, the PC board is def the most mature.

He's right.

People are buying expensive re-releases of games that are a year old because they bought a crappy system with no games based on hype.

Well now...I am going to double dip on TLoU. The graphics alone are worth the upgrade, the FPS is better...Couple that with I never finished and it just makes sense. Also my PS3 went YLoD. YAY.

I also got oddworld the other day and despite the meh controls it is pretty cool. Who knows when it is coming to steam but I will have already beaten it. ANYWAYS

That said I own Bioshock Infinite and that on the PC. I literally played it last night in 5760x1080 at ultra with AA at 50FPS better than the PS4 would do this at 1080 ;)

I love having both TBH.

I'm going to double dip on TLOU as well. Can't wait to snag a copy for 10$ in a year from now. No way I'm paying full price for a remaster of a game that's a year old. Ludicrous.
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The passion of lovers is for death