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Need help finding a new game

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2 years ago#1
Hello all, thanks for taking the time to look through this and offer your suggestions. I've been looking on and off for some time now (basically just through Steam filters and such) and finally thought it might be time to actually ask for some assistance as I don't feel much closer than when I started.

Basically, what I'm looking for is a game with competitive depth for PC that isn't an FPS. The reason I say not an FPS is because I already have a few FPS titles I enjoy, but sometimes you're just not in the mood for an FPS, ya know? Lately, League of Legends has been my go to for those times and it comes close to what I'm looking for, but it fails quite badly in enough areas that I've grown tired of it. What I like about it (for purposes of this discussion) is that there is a lengthy learning curve, meaning it takes a lot of development as a player before you ever reach the point where you're not getting SOMETHING out of every game, learning wise. I also appreciate the fact that the game (or rather certain champions) has a rather high skill cap, mechanically speaking, with a lot of "twitch" skill supplementing the strategic big picture of the game.

Where I think it fails (for me) is in a lot of little places that add up, but the important ones for this discussion are this: balancing around a 5v5 structure model (I know all MOBAs do, but that doesn't mean there isn't a game out there that has found a way to get away from that), balancing issues (higher skill cap champs aren't always rewarded for playing at higher skill cap level, they just have to do that to come out even with the others in many cases, IMO) and balancing the importance of kills with the importance of objectives (a wave of farm means more to you than a kill, that's just not a fun approach to have).

Now this doesn't mean bring me all your alternative MOBA ideas, I've looked at every single one of them (according to wikipedia) and found a deal breaker in all of them, which is why I've stuck with League. It was meant to show you the important aspects of a game I'm looking for, as well as the aspects I'd like to avoid. It also wasn't meant to be a rant against League so please don't it like that.

To summarize (or a longish TLDR):
I'd like help finding a game that has:
- Competitive depth (a game built around multiplayer)
- Moderate to high learning curve (a game I will be "learning" for months)
- Less reliance on teammates (either smaller teams or more ability to carry solo)
- Moderate to high twitch mechanical skill
- Big play potential (I know what Starcraft II players do is extremely skillful and can be satisfying to pull off, but it doesn't compare to the rush you get from making a good play at a moments notice, it's more of a slow burn satisfaction and I crave that big play feeling, if that makes sense)

Again, thank you for taking the time to read this and any suggestions would be very very appreciated.
2 years ago#2
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