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Is this a good laptop for the price?

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User Info: iPWNtheNoobs

2 years ago#1
Need it for school.
The first model.

For those who don't want to click
$639.00 (Including the save $160)

4th Generation Intel Core i5-4210U Processors (1.70GHz 1600 MHz 3MB)
Operating System
Windows 8.1 64
14.0" FHD Glossy with integrated camera (1920x1080)
NVIDIA GeForce GT 820M 2GB
6.0GB PC3-12800 DDR3L SDRAM 1600 MHz
Hard Drive
Hybrid 500GB 5400 RPM+8GB SSHD
Optical Drive
DVD Recordable (Dual Layer)
Network Card
Lenovo BGN Wireless
Bluetooth Version 4.0
One year
4 Cell 41 Watt Hour Li-Cylindrical

Also considering the Y40 but it is $180 more.
Or is there another laptop you would consider?
Space Waster

User Info: iPWNtheNoobs

2 years ago#2
Space Waster

User Info: MithrilMonarch

2 years ago#3
Eh. It's an okay deal.

User Info: Sora_Anbu

2 years ago#4
That's more than I would spend. Though I don't have any suggestions, sorry.
"The best thing to happen to Linux is the release of Vista." Jack

User Info: Raven9853

2 years ago#5
What are you trying to do with it? I've been helping my girlfriend look for a $400 one. All she needs it for is web browsing, papers, netflix, and whatever social media junk. I'm a fan of dells so I'm pushing her to get this:
Really depends what you wanna do with it though.
GT: Raven9853

User Info: BuyersRemorse55

2 years ago#6
If you wanna play any modern games on it at decent levels then no.

If you just want it for basically schoolwork, reports, internets, office programs, its fine.

User Info: iPWNtheNoobs

2 years ago#7
I plan on mainly using it for school work. Watching TV and movies. Maybe play some games like League of Legends and some Valve games CS:GO and TF2.

Or would buying the y40 be better it has
AMD Radeon R9 M275 2GB

I am also able to get an additional $100 of any laptop on their site so that is a bonus.
Space Waster
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