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Best HDTV (not Monitor or Display) for playing a gaming PC in the living room?

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2 years ago#21
Pretty much THE best 55" TV of 2014 for gaming -
I think it's at bestbuy for $1300.

A good 60" would be the Sony w850b. You can check out more here - (if you care a lot about input lag)
2 years ago#22
Plasma over Lcd any day. I view bluray/netflix/PC gaming and console gaming on my plasma for 16 months and will never look back to inferior lcd ever.

Running Borderlands 2 and the new Wolfenstein PC is spectacular.
Wolfenstein New Order
2 years ago#23
ElDudorino posted...
I'm not up-to-date on the latest TVs but spec-wise there is something important you should know:

The ONLY spec you need to know about any HDTV is one that the manufacturers don't even advertise: Input lag. You will have to Google the specific model number for any TV you're considering to find the input lag, or go to one of those comparison sites that lists the input lag for a bunch of TVs. Googling the specific model number is a good thing to do in general to get reviews for the exact set you want.

Do NOT bother looking at Dynamic Contrast Ratio or Response Time and don't even worry about the refresh rate. "120Hz" on a TV means something very different from on a computer monitor. On a monitor, 120Hz means you can support 120FPS. On a TV, "120Hz" means that the TV can optionally take 60FPS content and add 60 extra frames of interpolation to try and make the motion seem smoother, but doing so can cause visual artifacts and WILL cause serious input lag so you would never want it for a gaming display. These TVs do include modes to turn off the frame interpolation but at that point what you have is functionally no different from a 60Hz display. The other refresh rate terms like 480Hz, 600Hz, etc. are just marketing gimmicks; there is actually no such thing as a 600Hz HDTV and even if there were it would be pointless given the media we have today.

Response Time is supposed to tell you how long a pixel takes to go from fully off to fully on and back, because that would give you an idea of how quickly an image changes without causing things like artificial motion blur, but this is useless for two reasons. First of all, basically all screens now are fast enough that blur from poor pixel response (ghosting) is a thing of the past. But secondly and much more importantly, the numbers are a lie. There is no regulation in how response time has to be measured, so one screen can say it takes 2ms and it will actually be SLOWER than another screen that says it takes 8ms because it measured it differently. It's a BS number, so just ignore it. It's not like it would matter even if it wasn't a lie.

Finally, contrast ratio. When a screen says contrast ratio, it really means Dynamic Contrast Ratio, which is a fancy way of saying "Made-up large-sounding number." Much like response time, there is zero regulation for how this spec is measured, and so the various TV manufacturers have gradually increased the scale of their misleading BS to such an extent that several eventually started claiming that their contrast ratio is infinity to one. So, you'll see a screen with 100,000 : 1, then another with 1,000,000 : 1, and then another with INFINITY : 1, and go "Oh wow, INFINITY is such a big number! I want that one!" It actually tells you nothing about the screen; it's just an imaginary number. Contrast ratio was originally devised to tell you the difference between the brightest white and the blackest black on the screen, using a grid of black and white squares, and the bigger the difference between them the more your colors would pop because black levels versus white levels are a huge factor in that. But once marketing got ahold of the number and started using various trickery to screw with it and the ratios eventually became imaginary numbers like infinity, well, there was no going back. Never trust contrast ratio.

Recap: Ignore every number they throw your way when shopping for a TV. Always research the EXACT MODEL NUMBER for the TV you want. And, the one spec that matters is Input Lag, which you'll have to find online because manufacturers won't tell you. It's a good thing they won't, too, because they'd just find a way to scam you over it if they did.

This guy's in the know. Well said.

p.s. I'm not in to the whole brevity thing.
Cognitive dissonance - Get to know these two words. It is the unseen enemy of mankind.
2 years ago#24
Are you sure it's a guy?
XD that person knows his or her stuff.
Wolfenstein New Order
2 years ago#25
Yep, otherwise his handle would be, LaDudorina.
Cognitive dissonance - Get to know these two words. It is the unseen enemy of mankind.
2 years ago#26
You don't want your HDTV to be a display? I'm not sure there are other kinds tbh.
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2 years ago#27
Kingeptacon posted...
I'm not in to the whole brevity thing.

That makes two of us!

Taitao posted...
Are you sure it's a guy?

It's in the name, Bro Pesci. You also can call me The Dude or Duder if you ARE into the whole brevity thing. His Dudeness is appropriate as well.

Anyway, I used to geek out pretty hard over TVs around the time that I bought mine and for the few years after. Up until last year I was up-to-date on most of the models out there from the bigger brands but at a certain point I was like "Do I really need to know this stuff when I probably won't be buying another TV for years?" I still like to set the record straight in topics like this one though because I can't stand that crap where marketing teams get to make up a bunch of lies and then play it off like "It isn't false advertising; we're just using a different definition of the words you think you know."
2 years ago#28
kingoffps posted...
You don't want your HDTV to be a display? I'm not sure there are other kinds tbh.

Yeah I probably should have just left out the part in parentheses in my title.

I was thinking that Displays were Monitors so I tried covering all bases, so to speak. And I don't think they have a cable input, but I intend on installing cable so I would like a TV for that.
2 years ago#29
Scrap lcd technology altogether. It is a mess. This is going to come as a shock to many, I don't bother anymore to turn on the lcd monitor in months after I got my Panasonic plasma a year ago. Low input lag too.

I do everything on it without a hiccup. Only regret is not buying two plasmas for my other room. Ha
Wolfenstein New Order
2 years ago#30
Short answer: 51-inch Samsung F8500. Can get one on Amazon for about $1800.
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