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Why are my Steam games not letting me play them?

#11arleasPosted 7/27/2014 4:22:38 PM
SoulreaperX112 posted...
I think I remember hearing something similar to this. If I remember correctly you have multiple steam accounts on one HDD it will detect all the games and show them in your list but obviously the only way to play them is to log onto the account that actually has them tied to it.

If you can't remember the email details but have a cd key/receipt for a game you bought around the time you created the account that can help with contacting steam support to get it sorted out(prove you are the owner). You might be able to use a credit card that you used on the account to prove its yours as well but I am not sure if that would even work.

From my experience, it shows up a bunch of games as "demo" versions only and the "Play" button is replaced with a "purchase" button on the games that don't have demos.