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good Photoshop laptop

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2 years ago#1
Wondering if anyone has seen any on sale lately. A friend of mine is looking into picking one up and I feel like I'm going a little overboard.

The only requirements are really that it has a good screen (1200x800 min.), at least 2ghz on the processor, and... That's about it from the looks of it. I was really expecting more requirements, really, though I deal with almost exclusively gaming parts so maybe I'm overshooting.
2 years ago#2
1. Budget?

2. Professional quality or just a hobby?

3. Do you mean he will use Adobe Photoshop, or are you using Photoshop to mean generically "image editing"?
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2 years ago#3
Doesn't really have a budget, and I've asked her multiple times for one. That's really the problem with me picking it out, I keep ending up increasing the power until I have a $1000+ dollar behemoth that she doesn't need (can't stop thinking about it as a gaming PC vs a Photoshop one lol). I'd say trying to keep it to 800 and below, it would be nice to at least offer one that will do it, but cheaply, and one one that will rock at it, and letting her decide for once lol.

It's for school, so I'm assuming it would be between the two, erring on the side of more power (cause that's apparently what I do) I'd say professional.

And actual Photoshop, that's where I got the requirements for (those are actually the recommended, but to me that's basically required).
2 years ago#4
Professional quality photo editing is very expensive, because of the display required. This is because the task requires accurate color production (usually measured in terms of sRGB and aRGB space coverage), which implies at least a very expensive display.

On the laptop side, the premier machines are HP workstations with the DreamColor display, but these start at $3000 for the 15" zBook.

On the lower budget, there are a few choices:
1. Compromise on the display quality and go for fast processing. Examples here include the Dell Precision M2800 and the Thinkpad W540. This costs around $1500.

2. Get a good display and settle for long processing times. The latest MacBook Pros with Retina display fit this category. This costs around $1500 as well.

3. Get a low end model and replace the display with a high quality one. You will need to do substantial research into display compatibility to make sure what you are trying to do works. You will most likely need to buy the display off eBay. If you do this, you will most likely want one with a Intel QM CPU and a AMD GPU, because AMD non-workstation GPUs are fairly competent at workstation tasks, while nVidia ones are completely crippled.

4. Buy used. Something like this: has the parts of a high end zBook for half the price. You don't get the warranty though.
C2D L7500 | GMA X3100 | 4 GB DDR2 | 250 GB Evo
FC: 3840-7579-4179 | Pokemon X IGN: Jing | Safari: Snorunt, Bergmite, Piloswine
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