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So after 6 months of not having a PC monitor, I ended up ordering a BenQ Xl2420z

#1LtMessiahDM504Posted 7/31/2014 8:32:05 AM
The ONE single time I didn't research something extensively it cost me that much time from most of my beautiful steam library. Awaiting the fabled G Sync monitors and then I read you need a minimum 650 ti while I only have a gtx580. Then I read about how you still notice framerate drops when jumping out of the 45-60 fps sweetspot. So instead of upgrading my GPU to be an early adopter I opted to get something now and upgrade in a year or two when I redo my whole rig.

I am awaiting the 24 inch BenQ xl2420z but part of me wonders if the 27 inch version wouldn't have been better. I am sitting around 30'' away, so would the pixels be noticeable at that distance?