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HDD random clicking.

#1ebj767Posted 7/31/2014 10:07:44 AM
So woke my computer from sleep and hear this random clicking some from it.

Sounds like maybe HDD clicking, uh oh, backed up all the pictures I wanted from it and haven't noticed anything consistent.

Both HDD are data HDDs, my main is an SSD. When accessing either of them they aren't particularly slow. Don't take ages to access anything off them, transferring the data to an external HDD went off without a hitch. They make this noise whether or not I'm accessing info from them or not.

I've check for cables hitting fans and nothing. I know this is usually a sign of an HDD on the way out, can I check using software. Could this just come and go?
#2SonyHoundDawgPosted 7/31/2014 10:12:10 AM
You can go to and download the free trial. The benchmark test usually a good test and theres another that can scan your whole HD and it shows it has any bad parts, but it takes a few housr at least. On the free trial not all the options are available for use.

But yes usually clicking means its on its way out. It could last months or a year still or fail tomorrow.