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gtx 780 no signal

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2 years ago#21
After installing windows 7, it cant even find the card, thus i cannot update drivers..
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2 years ago#22
Are you using a custom overclockable monitor? My X-star monitor had some issues with my cards when I was installing the drivers.
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2 years ago#23
CrimsonVendetta posted...
Are you using a custom overclockable monitor? My X-star monitor had some issues with my cards when I was installing the drivers.

No i use my hdtv
Born to bleed, fighting to succeed
2 years ago#24
I think the card is busted. Need to return it.
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2 years ago#25
This is what you get for settling.
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2 years ago#26
MaxCHEATER64 posted...
This is what you get for settling.

But Nvidia is perfect and never has problems with drivers or cards not working.
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2 years ago#27
Could it be all caused by a faulty psu?
Born to bleed, fighting to succeed
2 years ago#28
Have you tried a different monitor?
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2 years ago#29
After doing a fresh windows install you said it's not recognizing the card at all. For some reason sometimes upon a fresh install all of the typical drivers that should be installed to begin with won't be. I had this issue when I went from x86 to x64. I had to re-install all the drivers for my mobo and then had to go into device manager, and mess around with things in there, like enabling/disabling a few things to reset them. Also, I couldn't use my Ethernet controller when I did the fresh install, so that complicated things. Normally windows update will take care of everything (normally), but in my case I had to download everything to a USB drive and install it that way.

Can u give details on the PSU, single or dual rail, max watts and brand. What 780 is it? You probably need a 650+ watt single rail PSU for a 780. If it ends up being the card I would switch to an EVGA one if it isn't already. Returns and step up program for EVGA, plus the quality of their products and customer service make them one of the best nvidia vendors. They never skimp on performance either. You normally get the best of the best in terms of the GPU components with EVGA.

[EDIT]: it could maybe be the PSU. Typically a faulty PSU will cause the computer to just shut down or reboot altogether when the GPU kicks on and starts using an adequate amount of power. These top tier cards definitely use a good amount of power.

Check this. Some cards 770 and higher I think will use one 8 pin connector and some use one 8 pin and one 6 pin. Make sure the proper connectors are plugged into the card correctly. I think my 770 uses two 8 pin connectors (the connectors themselves are 6 pin, with an extra loose 2 pin plug that snaps to the 6 pin connector to make it 8) but will still work with 8/6 combo. Another thing is that most power supply's have specefic PCI-e connectors that are to only be used for the GPU, which can be confused with another set on the PSU (mine was this way). Even though the connectors are the right size, the actual wiring for the connectors might not be capable of pulling enough power from the PSU for the card, hence why the right ones (normally) are labeled PCI-e. If they are not labeled, try a different set of the same type of connectors.
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2 years ago#30
It's the gpu from what your describing. The symptoms is not related to a psu problem
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