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When you hear the word "raid" in terms of an online game, what do you imagine?

#21nickizgr8Posted 8/3/2014 8:36:59 AM
dementedlullaby posted...
10+25 is the perfect number imo.

Fewer than 10? Not epic. More than 25? Feels a little too zergy.


While more than 25 may look cool it's hard as hell to maintain a group of that many people. Also the more people in a raid team the quality of your worse raider goes down but the quality of your best raider doesn't really move.
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#22Gabriel_DerochePosted 8/3/2014 8:38:13 AM
The last MMORPG I played, a Raid was formed by 49 people, divided in 7 smaller parties. So I think of that.
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FalxXD posted...

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#24nutslapPosted 8/3/2014 9:47:06 AM(edited)
Zareth posted...
Superlinkbros89 posted...
A bunch of nerds with too much time on their hands logging into their WOW accounts, riding on horses into a nearby npc village to rob and sexually molest the villagers

maybe she's born with it
or maybe.. it's MAYBELLINE
#25nutslapPosted 8/3/2014 9:48:18 AM
im not a pc dork, i genuinely picture that
maybe she's born with it
or maybe.. it's MAYBELLINE
#26SythisTaruPosted 8/3/2014 9:49:17 AM
SinisterSlay posted...
The bug spray called raid.

I prefer DEET.
#27Raj2764Posted 8/3/2014 9:54:46 AM
a mission from bully called Panty raid
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#28nedrithPosted 8/3/2014 10:15:13 AM
I imagine true MMO content, as such I imagine 20+ people. Why have 10k+ people on a server if at most your only grouping with 1-18 others at any given time.

Real MMO combat is atleast 40 or more but 20+ sadly in these days is about the best we usually get.
#29Jason_HudsonPosted 8/3/2014 10:29:19 AM
More than 24 people. 40 man raids on WoW, hundreds (when properly co-ordinated) for world PvP raiding. Crashed the server multiple times, Blizzard wasn't too happy.
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#30Orestes417Posted 8/3/2014 10:33:17 AM
25 man plus, Screw glorified ten man dungeons
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