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When you hear the word "raid" in terms of an online game, what do you imagine?

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  3. When you hear the word "raid" in terms of an online game, what do you imagine?

User Info: Cubis101

2 years ago#41
I picture a "vault" like establishment that takes massive numbers to take on.
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User Info: InfernoCrossing

2 years ago#42

User Info: Drakillion

2 years ago#43
When I see the word "raid" in a game, that Leeroy Jenkins video from WoW always comes to mind.

Other than that, raid to me is Redundancy Array of Inexpensive Disks.
"You like that?"

User Info: koujimoreno

2 years ago#44
I think WoW 10/25/40 man raiding and data protection from drive failure.

User Info: cancerstorm

2 years ago#45
nutslap posted...
im not a pc dork, i genuinely picture that

says nutslap as he goes out with his metro romo boyfriend kris

User Info: KClubs23

2 years ago#46
I imagine that episode of South Park.

I know that it's an exaggeration for comedic effect, and that it only really applies to the most extreme examples, but some stereotypes exist for a reason.
Sarcasm is sooo hard to convey in a written format.

User Info: Sir_Meowcat_Esq

2 years ago#47
Isn't that what the Monster Hunter kiddies are trying to label their games these days?

Otherwise... epeen enhancement.

User Info: I_Heart_Eevee

2 years ago#48
I imagine 30 people waiting around for 2 hours waiting for everybody to get ready. Then they spend 30 minutes clearing trash. Then 1 more hour getting ready for the boss. Then wiping. Then coming back to the boss and waiting 1 more hour before trying again. Then wiping. Then calling the day done and saying we'll try again next week.

User Info: UddersAndBlades

2 years ago#49
WoW raids. 20+ people working together to bring down a gigantic boss.
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User Info: SnipeStar

2 years ago#50
Superlinkbros89 posted...
A bunch of nerds with too much time on their hands


i think of harddrives when i hear the term raid
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  3. When you hear the word "raid" in terms of an online game, what do you imagine?

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