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So my friend is selling me his alienware mx14 laptop but...

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2 years ago#1
he doesnt have the formatting CDs. And obviously he wants to wipe his stuff before he sells it for me and id like a fresh install of windows 7. Is there any way to reformat and get a fresh install without the CDs?
2 years ago#2
Download Windows, burn it to a DVD, install using the OEM key.
2 years ago#3
Ok cool. That will not give me any problems with activation or anything?

And by OEM im assuming you mean the serial number on the sticker?
2 years ago#4
Yes. The sticker will say what version of Windows the key is for. Just make sure you download the correct version. You shouldn't have any issues with the activation.
2 years ago#5
Ok thanks. What kind of DVD would i need? Its like 3 gigs. Would it need more than one?
2 years ago#6
Any standard DVD+R or DVD-R will do. You can also use a USB stick. The USB stick install is faster, and it's easier to modify ei.cfg to match the key version.
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2 years ago#7
But id have to use multiple DVDs right?
2 years ago#8
DVD-R and a DVD burner. One DVD-R should be enough. Then you use some free software to burn the ISO to the DVD. Can't remember what I used last time...

Once the DVD is made, you put it in and tell the BIOS to boot off the DVD.
2 years ago#9
Just to confirm, one single layer DVD is enough. I used imgburn to burn the last two discs I made, 32 and 64 bit windows 7.
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2 years ago#10
Stupid question but will the alienware specific stuff work by itself? like the keyboard backlighting and stuff?
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