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PS3 vs PC tech help...

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2 years ago#11
DarkZV2Beta posted...
A lot of later PS3 games run sub-720p, and below lowest settings, 20~30fps.
Even integrated gpus outperform Ps3 these days.

Not always, I remember playing Half-life 2 at 1024x768 at low settings on the HD 4200 integrated in the i3 and the framerate was still pretty marginal. Though generally, yes, integrated graphics have improved by leaps and bounds, but even the lowest end dedicated card will handily beat them.
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2 years ago#12
The thing to remember with the ps3 and 360 especially is that they're 8 years old and were surpassed by PC graphically within 6 months of launch (conservatively).

Almost anything (new) you get now will out power it just based on advancement of technology. There was another thread out there that had a good list for cheap starter PCs, it may be worth searching for, but I'll throw in my general feelings on it.

Go as high as you can on the motherboard, CPU, and case without going over whichever soft cap in pricing you can afford (people will advise you well on what they are here) and as long as it has integrated graphics and you're on a budget, skip the graphics card for now.

Most integrated graphics will beat ps3 now, and the few hundred you can save on the graphics card can be put into the PC parts that are harder to replace (specifically the CPU/mobo and case). That way if you want to turn that PC into a ps4/xb1 killer in a year you'll have a much easier time doing it.
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