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Post your gaming setup.

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User Info: LOLIAmAnAlt

2 years ago#21
SpazH3d posted...
LOLIAmAnAlt posted...

Is that TV saying Poop? Why is your TV saying Poop.

Because poop is the bane of my computer's soul.

User Info: BilliePilgrim

2 years ago#22
i5 2500k @ 4.2| Corsair H60 | EVGA GTX 670 | MSI P67A-GD55 | 8GB DDR3 1600 | Fractal Design Define XL | 750W PSU

User Info: pyromania86

2 years ago#23
Setzera posted...
Dang TC's setup is insane (in a good way). Mine is far more simplified.

The big screen, keyboard and that little USB hub are all connected to the PC as well, so if I want to game or watch something from the PC while I kick back, it's all possible, including local co-op.

I labelled the consoles because they're basically invisible down there.

EDIT: By the way, I have done the best I could with cable management, but when you have only one wall socket, and a ton of stuff.. I basically just try to keep it off the floor so I can vacuum. lol

Thanks man! I like yours too. Some great setups so far. Keep them coming.

Here is my point of view shot.

User Info: Setzera

2 years ago#24
lol I must admit, I'm a bit jealous. If I hadn't taken everything off the walls, and traded/sold 90% of the gaming things I've had, I'd have a place like that too.

I had my reasons, but that's a gamer's haven right there.
| AMD FX-8350 @ 4.0 ghz | MSI 970A-G46 | MSI HD 7870 2GB | 8GB 1600 DDR3 | 650W Corsair | Win7 64bit | 1TB WD Blue | CM 912 HAF |

User Info: Th1rte3n

2 years ago#25

I forgot to take a pic of my 42" TV that my comp is hooked up to as well.
i7-920 @ 3.6 // 770 GTX // 12 GB G.Skill Sniper Ram // PS3 // 360
FiiO e9+17 // AD700 + M50 // Deck Legend + 82 // DAS Ultimate S

User Info: EpicKingdom_

2 years ago#26
Bump for more.

User Info: OldSorrow

2 years ago#27
If you don't use Throwback Mode for a full week while logged in, you will lose access.
My station =

User Info: Cremacious

2 years ago#28
Nice and simple. Wanting to eventually buy a bigger desk that has shelves for books and stuff.

User Info: Fossil

2 years ago#29

Gaming PC, left
Work PC, right

User Info: pyromania86

2 years ago#30
Imgur is better than photobucket. Ill leave this here.
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