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What OS are you using?

#21MaxCHEATER64Posted 8/6/2014 4:54:37 AM
7 SP1.
I tried 8.1 in a vm and by god was it awful. Never going to "upgrade" to that pile of trash.

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#22JohnMafiaPosted 8/6/2014 4:56:16 AM
8.1. Works great.
#23Aegis_RunestonePosted 8/6/2014 5:01:25 AM
Windows 7 ULTIMATE.
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#24ChetyrePosted 8/6/2014 5:09:26 AM
Archlinux with an 8.1 VM for games
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#25Jcd000Posted 8/6/2014 5:11:22 AM
arch linux mainly, dual booting with win7 for when wine cannot do its stuff
#26SetzeraPosted 8/6/2014 5:18:41 AM
Windows 7, even though Win 8.1 with classic menu mod was good too, just no reason for me to upgrade. Probably wait it out to see what Windows 9 has to offer.
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#27trodi_911Posted 8/6/2014 5:22:01 AM
I would have thought more people would b**** about Win 8 but I guess not.
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#28EternalVarikPosted 8/6/2014 5:23:36 AM
Windows 7 Home Premium.

Going to do what I always do and wait a few years for the bugs to get worked out of new Microsoft OS's before I upgrade .
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#29Mordecai the MadPosted 8/6/2014 5:30:24 AM
Windows 7
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#30iiFroZenHeAveNzPosted 8/6/2014 5:30:53 AM
Windows 7 Ultimate on my PC

Yosemite X on my Macbook Pro
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