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Why does Steam keep updating Medieval 2 and Rome Total War?

#1Samaellives91Posted 8/6/2014 3:55:05 AM
I've noticed that Medieval 2 and Rome update and then a week later they update again. I'm guessing it's some kind of glitch?
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#2SpazH3dPosted 8/6/2014 3:57:27 AM
Or maybe.... the devs re updating their games? If it's 0kb updates, then maybe its some error.
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#3BingSanpaoPosted 8/6/2014 4:11:26 AM
Nah, It was 11Gb a couple of weeks ago for medieval, then several patches since.
#4mike2638002Posted 8/6/2014 5:28:11 AM
I thing Its something to do with the gamespy severs shutting down.