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ASUS VG248QE - Viewing angle discoloration?

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2 years ago#11
^ It's fine. Mine does the same thing. Also from one of the links above:

"For better LightBoost colors, adjust your nVidia Control Panel:
nVidia Control Panel Desktop Brightness = 52%
nVidia Control Panel Desktop Contrast = 45%
nVidia Control Panel Desktop Gamma = 0.70
This compensates for the LightBoost gamma bump (washed out colors)."
2 years ago#12
Idk if you looke this up TC...but this one is what I use.

WITHOUT LIGHTBOOST. I use the ICC Profile listed towards the mid-bottom and the colors/adjustments.
2 years ago#13
Tried out the LightBoost and while I definitely saw a difference on the BlurBusters tests, especially PixPerAn's readability test, I didn't notice much difference in gaming. So that sort of made the color/gamma trade off not worth it to me.

Unless I missed something?

Really at the moment I'm working on getting the monitor calibrated and set properly. Had been using an icm profile from this reddit thread ( but I noticed it crushes blacks...

Not sure what to do!
I like Caravans more.
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