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ITT: Post games that everyone hates but YOU love!

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2 years ago#61
Custer's Revenge
2 years ago#62
Battlefield 3. While it isn't as good as some of the previous BF games, it's better than BF4. I still get some enjoyment out of BF3 from time to time.

And some of the Ljn games.
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2 years ago#63
Arkham Origins
Resident Evil 5
Pokemon Mystery Dungeon
Halo 3 ODST
Fable 2
Mortal Kombat Armageddon
Vampire Rain

PS: I might be lying about one of them
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2 years ago#64
Nearly every Mdickie game, and Arena Football for the original Xbox.
2 years ago#65
ME3 and Any of the DESTROY ALL HUMANS!!!! are the only ones that come to mind
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2 years ago#66
Monster hunter 3 Ultimate
Nibel Nibel Nibel Snarf Snarf
2 years ago#67
The Last Remnant.

I actually really enjoyed the gameplay. Creating different groups of units that work well together and watching them all rush into battle is very fun to me. Not to mention crafting and unit recruitment. I feel there's quite a lot about the game to enjoy.

Most Digimon games are rated low but I enjoy them just the same. Digimon World 1,2 and 3 are fun, and I love the PS1 Digimon Card game.
2 years ago#68
Final Fantasy 13. 9.5/10 game for me, loved it start to finish and all of the sidequests. 1000/1000 achieve for me.

Hated 13-2 though, hated it so much that I haven't even given Lightning Returns a chance. The whiny fanbase ruined the 13 series, it was fine the way it was when it started.
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2 years ago#69
Well I wouldn't say love, in fact it's clearly a mediocre game, but I enjoyed Enchanted Arms.
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2 years ago#70
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