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Which of these elements in a user name is most likely to make you think...

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11 months ago#21
None so far, not that I encounter these often to begin with when I play with someone.
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11 months ago#22
The xXx people are easily the worst. In every way, not just playing with.
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11 months ago#23
420 is worst for me. Shockingly enough I've come across at least one very good player of every other type of user name listed.
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11 months ago#24
The last time I checked, BR meant Battle Royale.
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11 months ago#25
One of my buddies back in high school had a screen name to the extent of: xXxAzN_DrgnzxXx

A few weeks ago he hit me up for a possible job and the email listed on his resume was a variation of the above username.

I deleted his resume.
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11 months ago#26
All of them.
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11 months ago#27
is mine consider the first choice?
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11 months ago#28
bom12826 posted...
is mine consider the first choice?

The first choice seems to be about birthdate. For some reason a lot of people like putting the year they were born in their username. I did this too a long time ago. People born around 2000 would be young and not a lot of people like playing with those younger than them.

Yours is more just about originality and creativity (mine's not very creative either), only a dick would not want to play with someone just because their name has a few random numbers or doesn't sound cool, unless you're on a serious RP server.
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11 months ago#29
Both the Xx and the 420 guys. It's just plain stupid.
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11 months ago#30
Edavy89 posted...
They just have to not be me. I've come to the conclusion almost everyone that isn't me, is a bad person to play games with.

im like that but i apply that conclusion to everyone in existance about everything.
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  3. Which of these elements in a user name is most likely to make you think...

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