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What's the verdict on Windows 8 now?

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1 year ago#11
Snagg57 posted...
If you really care about the Start button, you can get a program such as Classic Shell, that brings back functionality of legacy windows.

Other than that, Windows 8/8.1 is no where as bad as people make it out to be.

Only thing that turned me off was the Metro.
Not out of any kind of knee jerk "It's different, and I don't like things that are different" megativity, but more that it doesn't look like it would be as functional with KB/M as it would with a touch screen. Seemed like wasted effort. And I like a more minimalist look with my computer. I don't even have desktop icons on Windows 7.
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1 year ago#12
And I like a more minimalist look with my computer. I don't even have desktop icons on Windows 7.

Me too, one of the reasons I like metro is because I can just pin everything to that like its a huge fullscreen startbar and keep my desktop clean as a whistle. Just remove all the live tiles you don't use and you shouldn't have to worry about scrolling unless you use a lot of applications.
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1 year ago#13
What are you guys talking about?! It's change! Change is bad! Bad bad bad! No one should ever adapt to change! That's outrageous! I forbid you advance without me!

...Nah, I got along fine. You can go your entire life not touching the whole metro interface if you so desire. I've desktop icons for games, taskbar icons for the most commonly used programs, and then settings can be access from right clicking the start icon. At worst, I'll use the search, but it's pretty decent.
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1 year ago#14
SinisterSlay posted...
Dragon Nexus posted...
Assume I don't want to buy a new OS and would rather make use of the choices available to me already.

Oh, then go ahead and install 8. Other than some strange things like requiring a Microsoft live account to install the system and not letting you join a domain immediately like previous windows installs could, it's fine.
I know in 8.0 you can bypass that by choosing to make a new account, then choosing to use a local account instead. I don't remember if 8.1 had that ability but I think it did.

Yeah, 8.1 has the ability to use the local account. We use that at my office when we need to install it on a new machine.
1 year ago#15
Killah Priest posted...
I hate having to go back to windows 7 after experiencing how great windows 8 works.

Same with me. 8 feels way faster, at least when using an SSD (and I don't just mean boot times). It's also way better at updating/downloading drivers for all your stuff automatically.
1 year ago#16
Windows 8.1 is great for me and booting on a SSD is insanely quick. However, if you have no reason to upgrade, I wouldn't from Windows 7.
1 year ago#17
If you're buying an OS, but like old school Windows, get 8.1 and use Classic Shell. That's what I do, perfectly happy with it. So far as operation goes 8.1 is an obvious improvement in pretty much all regards. Nor have I had any issues with compatability that were not very easily resolved (and they're things that would have the same issue with Windows 7).
1 year ago#18
It's good and it has always been good since Day 1.
1 year ago#19
Its better then sliced bread
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1 year ago#20
I like start8 way more than classic shell
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