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Computer runs games ultra slower than before any solution?

#1TheVietVetPosted 8/8/2014 3:36:45 PM
Well, my computer was recently formated, the i have a laptop, toshiba satellite a300 series , 3gb ram, GPU: ATI RADEON 4800 series, CPU: T4200 2.00GHZ.
Well, i recently installed COD mw2 and COD MW , i have no problems with those games , then i iinstalled bully scholarship edition and the cutscenes are so laggy, there's no problem with the game or in-game scenes , that runs fine. Then i downloaded Saints Row IV , and the game just runs terrible, but it didnt before. i tried alot of things but nothing to solve this... i know nothing about drivers, i just need some simple help that's it. :)