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Why you wouldn't want to game on pc

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1 year ago#121
Convenience and reliability are the main two reasons, though both of these are much less of a problem than they were even just a decade ago let alone during the DOS years. Even so, I maintain/repair/upgrade PCs for a living, and also for my friends and family, and I prefer consoles simply because 'they just work'. It's the same with PCs 99% of the time, but with a console I know it will always work.

But really, I could imagine some non-PC gamers being put off simply by this forum, with the endless self-reassurance topics by a few PC gamers (most on here are mature, but it's always the few who make the most noise), and the idiots who feel the need to berate non-Pc gamers. How about instead of making more topics about console vs PC gaming, you actually play some PC games, and stop giving the impression that you're so jealous of console gaming that you have to constantly criticise it?
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1 year ago#122
I don't like using my computer to game. Games don't belong on the same machine where I do my work.
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1 year ago#123
Personal preference
1 year ago#124
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1 year ago#125
The only real reason I see to not game on PC is personal preference/budget problems. You're not tied to only play PC, and anything else is just laziness.
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1 year ago#126
Not all games natively support the superior gamepad and not many people play CoD on PC.
ADD, no. Where is the thread for Fallout OCD players?
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1 year ago#127
what is the best voice chat to use for PC? Because that's my main reason for not enjoying gaming on PC.
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1 year ago#128
I do want to! I just haven't gotten around to building a PC yet, and I really don't have tons of money. The good news is that pretty much everything I can't run is available for consoles too.
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1 year ago#129
Drain_Bead posted...
Because I'm lazy when it comes to gaming and don't want to think about it.

Imagine that 0.0

What are you doing here? Get back to the DKS2 board!!!
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1 year ago#130
Because the PC crowd's biggest flaw and why I will never get into PC gaming is because of the community. PC is not the best for many reasons. First off I like to actually go to my friend's apartments and game with them. I take my consoles with me since I cannot do that if I have a tower. I hate the turtle mentality of, "I'm going to sit in my corner and be in my own world far off from everyone else."

The biggest problem I have with the PC community is the constant ignored many case. With consoles you have one specific case to eliminate common hardware errors. THE BIGGEST PROBLEM is that my game isn't working and the #1 way for PC gamers to help you is, "Well it didn't happen to me". Thanks. **** you.

I don't want a community that's literally almost all trolls.
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