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PIck a favorite game of yours - now tell us something bad about it

#191MG42_CHEFPosted 8/11/2014 6:22:15 PM
I_Heart_Eevee posted...
Metroid Prime:

I seriously can't think of anything wrong with it. It is the definition of perfection.

OK fine... uhh the sequels aren't the greatest? Legit complaint I guess would be that it's a lot more linear than other Metroid games in terms of item progression. The way you sequence break in it is really by using programming glitches and not actual skill techniques like bomb jumping.

You and me, we get it, Metroid is the best.
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#192SHAO-KhanPosted 8/11/2014 6:43:14 PM
Tomb Raider Angel of Darkness - the bad is Core was Rushed by Eidos and it was released Unfinished and buggy
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#193MrDietSodaPosted 8/11/2014 6:46:36 PM
Psychonauts: the gameplay is kinda bland. The art design and writing more than make up for it though.
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#194bluegender4everPosted 8/11/2014 6:55:08 PM
Diablo 2: The introduction of synergies. The game was a lot more fun in 1.09, IMO, than it ever was in the later patches simply because the difficulty ramp and synergies made single skills for the most part useless. Remember the orb/TS sorc? Yeah. Not anymore. While you could get some fun out of it (like the hilariously fun but never intended Windy druid or the Bear sorc), the stupidly strong runewords that came along with it also ruined the loot system and devalued a lot of previously end game unique items in favor of mass duped runes.

Baldurs' Gate 2: Probably the one thing that sticks out glaringly is how bad most of the class kits are. Only the Fighter class has (2) useful kits, all the other kits are comparatively minor in their changes and don't offer much beyond what the base class could offer in the first place. Notable exceptions are the Inquisitor and Blade.
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#195AnAngryPotatoPosted 8/11/2014 6:55:22 PM
Dark Souls is my favorite game EVER!!! But it is completely relentless to new players or anybody who is just trying to have a good time. The game has all sorts of beginner's traps designed to kill the player before they could have possibly anticipated it. I could praise this game (and the sun) all day but there's no denying the game can be flat out punishing.
#196DesulatedPosted 8/11/2014 7:03:38 PM
Doom: too short.
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#197OMGWYATTPosted 8/11/2014 7:18:52 PM
Dark Souls

I absolutely hated it the first time I played it (on PC, no less), the controls were absolutely infuriating, I didn't understand the combat at all. I didn't touch it for a few months, it was on sale for 360 so I bit hoping the controller would make it better, and that's how we fell in love.
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#198Cactuar512Posted 8/11/2014 7:19:19 PM
shrooboid313 posted...
Fallout New Vegas is my favourite video game of all time, but the loading times can be a problem sometimes. It USED TO crash occasionally but for some reason it doesn't really anymore.

I envy you. Any time I put around 30-40 mods (some of them little more than basic tweaks) and 50-70 hours on a save file and all my game wants to do is commit suicide. Still an amazing game, but it definitely pisses me off to no end.
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#199CucumberflantPosted 8/11/2014 7:33:00 PM
Megaman X3

The final boss ( or rather the part after it ) is complete garbage.

hurr durr let me touch you once so you fall into the lava and get crushed because the sides are getting narrower durrrrrrr
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#200bshwalkerPosted 8/11/2014 7:46:55 PM
I posted earlier but I, too, have to say Oblivion.
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con's - the ones that mods couldn't fix- gender specific animations, too few equip slots.
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