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Can you Upgrade Pre built Pcs?

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1 year ago#21
You should be able to run Doom on medium settings.
The new TMNT movie looks like garbage.
1 year ago#22
Just be aware that it may be unwise to buy older hardware.
If you want to upgrade to an i5 or i7 for that socket, the prices for those are still high, and may be hard to find a few years from now.
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1 year ago#23
I played Bf3 on a 2GB 6950 on ultra and 1080P. I tested out my FPS on 32 and 64 player maps and I got 25-35FPS. Last I checked a 750TI is a little bit better than a 6950. Also to note AA was not at 16x but 4 or 8x.
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1 year ago#24
What games look like on my 4yr old ASUS G73jh -
1 year ago#25
this kid definitely has ADD

look, why don't you finish all those 360 and ps4 games before you waste your money on this?

just take a breather for one goddamn second before you run rampant with your decision making
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1 year ago#26
That PC plus a 750ti should come out to be about $420 - $450, not bad at all.
You'd be hard pressed to build something as powerful with an OS for the same price.
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1 year ago#27
Like someone else said, the mobo matters. Some mobos on pre built PCs you find in stores that come with integrated graphics have mobos specifically built for no GPU. I took this $400 PC apart my Dad bought me, and the mobo didnt have a GPU slot anywhere.
1 year ago#28
Sure you can upgrade a prebuilt pc, but make sure it is out of warranty first because it will void the warranty.
I have had a Dell XPS 8300 pc for many years, and I ugraded the GPU and the PSU.
Dell XPS 8300(X8300-7008NBK), Intel i7-2600K 3.4GHz, Intel H67 Mobo, Sapphire R9 270X 4GB, Rosewill 550W PSU, 8GB 1333mhz RAM, 2TB HDD, Win7 64bit Home Premium.
1 year ago#29
I put a Antec 550, R9 270 and 250GB SSD in my Tiny dell and it works great with the i3 it has, even oc'd the cpu/gpu a bit. I play battlefield 4, LoL, starcraft 2 all practically maxed. I think it's worth it, ask him to go down on the price to maybe like $200 and use that money for the PSU/GPU.
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1 year ago#30
Prebuilts usually have really cheap motherboards and Power supplies, so no, you can't really upgrade them. You're better off just building your own comp, you can build your own gaming computer for 450 - 700 dollars that will smash the "next gen" consoles and beat almost every pre-built possible to buy. Any pre-built that can beat a custom comp will cost you at least 2 grand, even one that's just trying to beat a 700 dollar computer
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