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Game with the best hair physics and textures.

#1temoorashrafPosted 8/12/2014 4:20:09 AM
It doesn't necessarily have to be on the PC though.
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#2MarceloSampaioPosted 8/12/2014 4:40:02 AM(edited)
Tomb Raider 2013 with TresFX has almost perfect hair.

The Witcher 2 has some great hair textures, and the physics are good (not TresFX quality though).

And Skyrim can have some amazing hair with the right mods.
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#3chris121691Posted 8/12/2014 4:41:01 AM
Toom Raida
#4SpazH3dPosted 8/12/2014 4:58:00 AM
Tomma Roider.
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#5ToboeAkaPosted 8/12/2014 5:05:02 AM
Alice Madness Returns had really good hair.