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Mineorama giving new meaning to the term "gaming con-vention"

#11nickizgr8Posted 8/14/2014 5:33:15 AM
arleas posted...
Seems to me that giving money to a bunch of total unknowns in a foreign country is a recipe for disaster no matter what the reason. Otherwise, I've got some Niigerian Prince waiting to give me $5.8 million just for helping him move some funds out of his country. That doesn't sound fishy at all.

Between this and that Yogscrap game that tanked, Minecraft's reputation is going down...

Meh yogscast lost little respect I had for them. They never inform there fanbase about anything. SOI there best server stopped randomly. It took ages for them to announce why, not on there youtube channel either. On some forum that not many people use. Same with there crappy game. They had one or two updates on there channel and then nothing for a year and a half. Even people on there official forums were asking with no response.
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