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So what kind of case are you using?

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1 year ago#11
Corsair A540. Might move my it back to Corsair 500r tho.
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1 year ago#12
Got a carbide air 540
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1 year ago#13
NZXT source 220 window edition. So pretty!
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1 year ago#14
Corsair 600t
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1 year ago#15
I'm using a HAF 932, which turned out to be a little bigger than I actually needed, but I don't mind. It's quiet and easy to open, the only downside being the cheap construction of the built in ports which came loose.
1 year ago#16
Fractal Design Define R4. Really glad I went with it.
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1 year ago#17
Using an h440 mid tower. Love the looks but might switch it out to get better airflow. Temps are a bit high for my taste.
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1 year ago#18
CoolerMaster Ammo
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1 year ago#19
Silverstone Fortress FT02, which I think is classified as an ATX mid tower, though it's quite large for one.
1 year ago#20
NZXT. H440 best case I've ever owned.
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