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So what kind of case are you using?

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1 year ago#31
HAF 922 - Mid tower
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The passion of lovers is for death
1 year ago#32
almightydun posted...
Ultra Etorque X4 case.

Lol that does look like the transformer logo! XD
And I feel your pain. Modular PSUs are really useful for cable management.

PhilOnDez posted...

Doing it again I'd definitely pick something else but I'm happy enough with it for now.

It does sound troublesome. :/ But at least you're okay with it.
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1 year ago#33
Corsair 300R. Kinda wanted the window version, but out of my budget at the time.
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1 year ago#34
CM Elite 431 Plus - Mid Tower ATX

Worst thing about it is the cable management, which is none.

Case i really want right now is the Fractal Design R4 /w Window.
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1 year ago#35
NZXT Source 210. Mid ATX tower. Does everything i require of it.
1 year ago#36

The black one. I don't think Gigabyte makes those anymore but I love the understated look of it and there's plenty of space inside while allowing for great ventilation. Was $60 back in June 2011 and worth every penny.
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1 year ago#37
It's a full tower: Rosewill THOR V2. Stupidly oversized and heavy given I'm only using an ATX board, but I'll never have to worry about space for new parts.
1 year ago#38
this monster...
1 year ago#39
Started with a Corsair Carbide 500R White, went with a Corsair Obsidian 250D but now regrets since the Corsair Carbide Air 240 White looks great, minus the fact that there is no optical drive (yes I need it and I like to use Blu-Ray)
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1 year ago#40
CM Storm Trooper damned case I've ever had. HIGHLY recommended. If you have the space for it that is.
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