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So what kind of case are you using?

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2 years ago#41
TheC0ndemnedOne posted...
Fractal Design Define R4. Really glad I went with it.

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2 years ago#42
Mid Tower. Fractal Arc Midi R2. love it.
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2 years ago#43
Antec twelve hundred.

It's too big, can't fit under my desk.
2 years ago#44
Fractal Design R4, I was going to go with the larger XL version, but it was too big for my space, and the cords were too short for the size of the case
2 years ago#45
Full tower: Corsair 800D
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2 years ago#46
Quinn95 posted...
Corsair 500r in white.
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2 years ago#47
Full tower: cooler master hafx

Great case. Great cooling, tons of room, and it has little wheels.
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2 years ago#48

Fractal Define R4.

Kinda bulky for a mid tower, but roomy inside.
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2 years ago#49
What? No Bit Fenix?

Shinobi /w window, mid tower.
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2 years ago#50
NZXT phantom full tower case.
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