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Cool Bundle for $3 USD if you like balls.

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2 years ago#1
And pucks for that matter.

Pool Nation is worth it if you haven't picked it up on the cheap yet. (and like pool)

OOTP is supposed to be a good sim to from what I gathered despite sounding like a late 90's hip hop song.

I'm gonna grab it for the hockey sim made by the same company since it's the only sport i really follow.
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2 years ago#2
OOTP Baseball is one of the best PC exclusive games, period. It gets nowhere near the attention that it deserves and I understand why that is, because a text based baseball game is obviously a niche market. But it is a really, really good game. It's as deep as a sports game can possibly be, or really just about any game. The depth of that game is amazing.

That's the prior year's version just as an fyi, OOTP 15 is this year's release.
2 years ago#3
Yeah, this bundle is worth it just for Pool Nation... the rest is just icing on the cake
2 years ago#4
Bundlestars is just simply the best bundle site ever.
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2 years ago#5
Nice find I will need to pick this up when I get home
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  3. Cool Bundle for $3 USD if you like balls.

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