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An honest answer to the guy who ask me why I am angry at DRM (Steam)

#21Futureops-(Topic Creator)Posted 8/17/2014 12:01:04 PM
arleas posted...
I always feel bad for the 12 year olds who have to lie about their age... Especially that one guy who claimed he was 20... You should just say "13" so you can avoid being moderated and leave it at that...

Nah, I am 14, I did sign up at this site at the age of 13. I am not underaged, you can ask that to anyone on the Xbox 360 board.
#22wizardmonPosted 8/17/2014 12:04:39 PM
Futureops- posted...
you can ask that to anyone on the Xbox 360 board.

Please stop, I can't handle this anymore.
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#23Darkcloud20Posted 8/17/2014 1:49:45 PM
Pst tc ms gets a way bigger cut for every 360 game than valve gets on steam.
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#24LaManoNeraIIPosted 8/17/2014 1:52:51 PM
Gabe will just evolve into one of those Combine aliens if he ever gets too big
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