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Just logged into Origin

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User Info: LottoStud

2 years ago#1
Looks like someone was using my Origin account. I hardly ever play Origin games just because i dont really own any except ME3, Simcity and Battlefield 3.

Whoever was playing it has unlocked all of the achievements for ME 3 and it says they were playing as of yesterday.

I changed my password right away. Anything else i should do?
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User Info: Jedi454

2 years ago#2
Maybe Mordin hacked you.

User Info: Moorish_Idol

2 years ago#3
Wouldn't hurt to contact EA and let them know. Also if you'd like to unlock the achievements on your own, they might be able to reset them for you.

User Info: Rolen47

2 years ago#4
A Malwarebytes scan wouldn't hurt.

User Info: darktemplar20

2 years ago#5
You don't have any siblings, do you?

User Info: Shah138

2 years ago#6
Same thing happened to me last year. I changed the email associated to the account and also the password. Everything seems to be fine now.
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User Info: -5xad0w-

2 years ago#7
I don't use Origin, but do you or anyone else play ME3 on a console that has your gamertag/whatever Sony calls their s*** that is also tied to your Origin account?
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