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I'm tired of paying for multiplayer

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User Info: wormbo2468

2 years ago#41
I have never understood why so many peasants are happy to pay for multiplayer. I've been playing online since the mid-90s and the only time I ever paid to play was for an MMO or two. (Even that I think isn't justified, which is why I don't play MMOs. I do have a soft-spot for EVE Online though, as you can pay for your subscription with in-game money.)
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User Info: Nemerlight

2 years ago#42
So much hate here. You people just mad that Destiny is not on PC.
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User Info: triple s

triple s
2 years ago#43
To be fair, at least it makes more sense to pay for it now than it did a few years ago. You get 1-2 free games a month and there are decent deals. Still doesn't counter being completely free but if those games are worth at least $5 each month there is some value in it.
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