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What's your monitor's power level?

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2 years ago#11
1050p (if you could even say that) - 1680x1050. I want to move this to the side and use a PB278q in front - until 4k IPS drops in price (such as the 287q).
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2 years ago#12

I like it. After my new parts get here, i'm going to need to get a new monitor. Probably 1080p.
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2 years ago#13
I use a 1080P 23" monitor with a 1080P 21.5" TV as a second monitor.
2 years ago#14
A poll gives you 10 possible options, and you didn't let us pick 1280x1024? That resolution was godlike... 10 years ago. My previous monitor had that res.

But yes, I'm at 1080p now.
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2 years ago#15
My desktop is 1050, but my laptop at school is 1080.
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2 years ago#16
I love dragons!
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2 years ago#17
1080p 21.6" crappy samsung LED.

I'm gonna upgrade to 24" 144hz soon, tho.
I'm not really interested in anything over 1080p on screens smaller than 30".
2 years ago#18
1080p, though due to the limitations of HDMI I have to drop the resolution to 960x1080 whenever I want to play in 3D. Haven't really tried to see if that's the same case with VGA.
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2 years ago#19
Just a single Asus 24" IPS monitor, 1080p. I'm happy enough with it, I wouldn't want any bigger for my current desk, higher res or not. I do want to upgrade to 21:9 at some point, as well as add a Rift if it turns out pretty cool which it seems to be on track to do. As soon as I can get a 3440x1440 IPS monitor for under $500 I'll be grabbing one, I'm sure it will be time to upgrade my gpu before then, if I haven't before then I'm sure I will at the same time since I don't see my 670 being adequate for that resolution
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2 years ago#20
It runs at 110 Volts. Just like 99% of electronics you plug into a wall outlet in America.
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