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LED Lighting in Phantom 530

#1BlueswordsXPosted 8/18/2014 12:50:32 PM
Is there any practical usage to LED lighting in computers besides looking cool (for cases where they're visible, at least). How much power do they drain (on average how much more is it on the electric bill a month?)

I just ordered a Phantom 530 which is just begging for it (weird that it doesn't come with an LED fan on top like the 410). While I'm not going to do any overclocking with it just yet (and sadly won't need liquid cooling, which can look absolutely wicked), I did read that without installing my own fan on the top, it is easy for dust to get in, so I'm considering buying a 200 mm fan for the top section. What looks cooler/is more recommended, LED fan on top or system LED kits? I
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