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Jagged Alliance 2 1.13 question

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2 years ago#11
Boge posted...
Howling-Reaper- posted...
chandl34 posted...
Newer versions might have this fixed, but there weren't any official releases after 4870 and its patch.

There is a new stable version in the works, it's not ready yet but you check out the release candidate here:

I've been playing around with that some, but I'm not sure what features to enable and what not to. NCTH? Interrupt system?

Not familiar with the new interrupt system, unless that's suppression? I prefer the old CTH system.
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2 years ago#12
No, it's complicated. I actually tried it and don't like it, probably because I'm used to the old system. It just feels like there are interrupts all the time, and when I've set my guys up to watch a direction, I don't get the interrupt as I'd expect and I end up getting shot often.

The new chance to hit system is even more complicated, but I'm not seeing much updated information on it. Older stuff says it's buggy, but that's like 2 years old.
2 years ago#13
Is that an option in the XML? It could just be you're fighting enemies much higher level than you. Interrupts are mostly based on level. You can scale back their levels.
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2 years ago#14

It's old, but gives you an idea about how it works.

The New chance to hit system in the 4870 release version of 1.13 is an option you can toggle in the options menu. In the stable unreleased version posted in the link above, it's an option, along with the new interrupt system, in the game start settings.
2 years ago#15
Seems like that would make jumping in and out of cover too strong. Would make melee weaker too.
... even on Earth Mode.
2 years ago#16
If I'm not mistaken, NCTH is not balanced in vanilla 1.13. However, there is a project called SDO, "Stock Data Overhaul", that changes the gunplay a bit to work better with NCTH, among other things.

You can find it here:
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