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Do you Watch Netflix on your PC?

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User Info: Kageblade23

2 years ago#31
nope i use hulu and i watch it on my ipad/appletv thru airplay
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User Info: DmanTee

2 years ago#32
Almost every smart device in my home has Netflix access. I usually stream Netflix to my TV through chromecast these days though.

User Info: NimbusStev

2 years ago#33
Yup. I used to watch it on my PS3, but since I now use the same screen for both my PC and my consoles, it's usually easier to just load it up on my computer.

User Info: Born Lucky

Born Lucky
2 years ago#34
I've never watched Netflix in my life.

Why would I?

Every old TV show and movie I like , I have on DVD.

Any new show I like gets recorded on DVR.

New movies suck.

I've never seen a reason for it
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User Info: ValzacardX

2 years ago#35
I tried once, wouldn't load, one of them days the site was having problems I guess. Used it on my 360 To watch transformers prime.
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User Info: Zorlac

2 years ago#36
Yes, no trouble with Silverlight here. I also watch it on my 360/one as well. Please subscribe!!
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User Info: CardigansFan

2 years ago#37
Born Lucky posted...
Every old TV show and movie I like , I have on DVD.

Grats on the physical clutter.

Any new show I like gets recorded on DVR.

What about the fact that any TV/DVR subscription is more than likely more than $10/month?

New movies suck.

There's plenty of old movies available, that don't require having the DVD version or waiting for it to air on TV.

Everyone's got their opinions; no need to bash just because you have your own.
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User Info: ArkonBlade

2 years ago#38
More so on my PC. some times on my PS3 and Ipad.
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User Info: kobalobasileus

2 years ago#39
I only watch Netflix on my Blu-Ray player.

*shakes fist at durned kids with their durned streaming and durned fast internetz*

User Info: gsf4lyfe

2 years ago#40
Primarily use my Roku + big TV in the living room, but later at night I watch on my PC.
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