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Phil Fish is a loser

#31YOeastonYOPosted 8/18/2014 11:44:32 PM
Never even heard of him of fez.
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#32ElkiadorPosted 8/19/2014 12:28:57 AM
i hope phil fish dies
#33akuma634Posted 8/19/2014 12:40:10 AM
Dieinafire1 posted...
The story has today's date on it so can't be that old

It's the internet, people love to say that 5 minutes ago is "older than Jesus."
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#34ein311Posted 8/19/2014 12:59:32 AM
I played Fez on an Xbox at a demo booth a few years ago and thought it was OK.

Then I saw how much of a turd Phil Fish was towards the people that were supporting him and decided not to buy the game.

I really don't care if the dudes that made Wildstar hunt baby seals and eat them for breakfast as long as they keep it to themselves. Fish's vilification towards the gaming public was so easy to find by casually browsing a gaming website or two that I couldn't help but pay attention.

It came off as the dude wants everyone to know that he hates you, doesn't appreciate anything you've done to help him become successful, and expects you to somehow be loyal to him because he's worth it. I'll pass.
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#35Sora_AnbuPosted 8/19/2014 1:13:54 AM
I thought of buying fez, but then saw how he treated gamers. Said Nope, and never looked back.
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#36KamenRiderBladePosted 8/19/2014 1:14:08 AM
Phil Fish is a real ingrate.

Enough said.
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#37InterfusorPosted 8/19/2014 2:34:11 AM
Elkiador posted...
i hope phil fish dies

You gonna cook him with some chips?
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#38SpazH3dPosted 8/19/2014 2:35:54 AM
This is Phil Fish.

I feel like Fish would do terrible things if he got pushed enough. The kind of things that involves weapons.
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#39Darkking4Posted 8/19/2014 2:41:53 AM
Phil Fish probably was sleeping with Zoe Quinn based on his defense of her on his twitter.
I wish I could remove Fez from my steam account but unfortunately I got it from a humble bundle :(
This guy is such an arrogant prick and shouldn't receive one cent of money.
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#40wizardmonPosted 8/19/2014 2:42:36 AM
Darkking4 posted...
I wish I could remove Fez from my steam account but unfortunately I got it from a humble bundle :(

Good news! You can "Hide" it from your account now at least.
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