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What was your first gaming unit?

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2 years ago#1
Colecovision was mine
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2 years ago#2
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2 years ago#3
NES was.
2 years ago#4
It was one of these three, I was far too young to recall which came first:

Atari 2600
Commadore 64
2 years ago#5
Atari 2600

I still have fond memories of Yar's Revenge.
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2 years ago#6
as a side note, I miss fake wood paneling on my appliances and electronics.
2 years ago#7
That I played? Intellivision, Atari, or Commodore 64. I was too young to remember which for sure, and they belonged to my (quite a bit older) siblings. I have vivid memories of this train track simulator game as well as some game where you're a robot needing to explore and find batteries on the Commodore 64.

That I owned? Random Tiger electronics games, but I'll count the NES as my first.
2 years ago#8
PS1. Still the best game setup out there. Always finding new gems.
2 years ago#9
Atari 2600
2 years ago#10
... NES, then SNES... Then came the hand helds
Dood... KC
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