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Anyone still buy Physical copies of PC games?

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1 year ago#21
I buy physical still for new games mostly.
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1 year ago#22
I always prefer physical copies of my games.

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1 year ago#23
I buy physical for PC when it's a game I really want and I have a reasonable assurance that it's more than just a disc in a case. Last one I purchased was the Elder Scrolls Anthology, as it had a very, very nice box and a lovely little book for the discs and such.

That being said though, as much as I buy digital on Steam and GOG, I only buy digital copies for WAY below retail. 50% off as a minimum, I usually shoot for 75%+ off. Digital is not worth nearly as much to me as physical, and the only reason I buy it on PC is because there's really not much point in physical anymore. Most of them are just discs in a case that auto-tie to Steam anyway.
1 year ago#24
I just cbf going to some crumby retail store to stand in line like an idiot.
1 year ago#25
Depends on the game and what kind of DRM it has in place.
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1 year ago#26
Someone will upload games on internet. As a social being, human needs lot of money to buy this and that. So I think it will be wise to keep your money for something more important than bought a physical copy of game that you can get it for free in internet. Download it and don't forget to say thanks to the uploader.
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1 year ago#27
Before 2008, yes.
1 year ago#28
The last physical copy of a game I bought was for a game that (at the time) was not available through any other means. Shortly after I bought it (Like maybe a year) it started showing up on steam, Gog and other places.

The actual last physical copy I will probably ever own is the boxed copy of "Pillars of Eternity" since I kickstarted it at the tier that gives me a boxed copy of the game as well as a digital copy. I will probably never open it though.
1 year ago#29
Jedi454 posted...
I just cbf going to some crumby retail store to stand in line like an idiot.


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1 year ago#30
Hopefully i never have to buy physical copies of any games ever again. The hopefully part is me hoping my internet situation remains stable always, which is basically key. If you have good internet without oppressive data caps, I dunno what benefit a physical copy holds other than the "I like the feel of a box" or "I like the new game smell" nonsense.
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