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Anyone still buy Physical copies of PC games?

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11 months ago#31
Well If the game are good I'll but a physical copy but mostly I limit myself to about 1 game per year because where I live its expensive to buy a physical copy of a game.
11 months ago#32
I just remembered, I also bought the StarCraft 2 expansion last year and it seems that all that was on the disc was a code to unlock the game for download. If I recall, I don't remember data files being on the disc. When I entered the code the unlock the game, it proceeded to download game files. Pretty much paid for a disc with a code in it, if I remember correctly.
11 months ago#33
No local stores sell physical copies in Manitoba so no I don't.
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11 months ago#34
The_Stargazer posted...
Someone will upload games on internet. As a social being, human needs lot of money to buy this and that. So I think it will be wise to keep your money for something more important than bought a physical copy of game that you can get it for free in internet. Download it and don't forget to say thanks to the uploader.
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Are you saying you encourage pirating?
11 months ago#35
Jetforcebelmont posted...
Jedi454 posted...
I just cbf going to some crumby retail store to stand in line like an idiot.



Don't worry bro, I'm an active human being,
11 months ago#36
If it has a Collector's edition yes. If not, no.
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11 months ago#37
Do they even sell those anymore? The only boxed PC games I see in stores are those 300 in 1 games or those nancy drew's bejewled games. I think maybe I've seen TES collection, but that's it.
11 months ago#38
Very rarely and usually only if it's a Collectors Edition I want. The only 2 games I bought a physical box for this is Reaper of Souls CE and Midway Arcade Treasures Deluxe.
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11 months ago#39
I always do when I can, but there have been a significant mishandling of physical support where I live. Much to my dismay.
11 months ago#40
I only get physical copies if it is some kind of special edition.
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