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Your number of CPU cores

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2 years ago#11
DarkZV2Beta posted...
There is no octacore intel.
Though, tbh, there's no real octacore AMD either.
Also, yeah, Intel Quad is the sweetspot. Good performance in newer demanding games, good performance in older demanding games, and a reasonable price point.

AMD can have 6 and 8 core server CPU's (current top end server CPU has 16 cores) as well as a 6 core phenom 2 in 2010 but for some reason they can't have a 6 or 8 core desktop CPU nowadays?

AMD has 6 and 8 core desktop CPU's out now the 6 and 8 core server CPU's were out ages ago so it's not as if the tech for a 6 or 8 core CPU isn't there. I don't know why intel fanboys have such a hard time comprehending that fact. Maybe it's because you can have a 6 core AMD processor for less than 100 but if you want 6 cores on intel you have spend over 700 just on the CPU and for that you don't even get a stock cooler like intel can't make a stock cooler that can handle a 130w TDP for some reason.

Haswell E says "hi".
8 Cores with Hyper Threading. Unless AMD step up their game, they are going to be utterly destroyed by Broadwell and Haswell E.

Intel does have an 8 core CPU on the way but that doesn't mean it will have 8 true physical cores but either way i doubt anyone will buy it if the price of their 'six core' CPU is anything to go by. a core i7 4960X retails for 785.
2 years ago#12
DarkZV2Beta posted...
There is no octacore intel.
Many Bothans died to bring you this post.
2 years ago#13
There are pentadecacore Xeons with 30 threads if you want them.
I see dead people.
2 years ago#14
One of my previous work machines had a pair of quad-core Xeons. It also sounded like sitting in an airplane during takeoff.
"debates are contests of rhetoric, not argumentative rigor." -DragooneerZero
2 years ago#15
Haha, that's so damn decisive a vote as I have seen in a while.
Also in the majority, here. Hyper threading is cool, and if it becomes more useful, I will upgrade sometime during the next revision or two of i7s, but man... when real 8 core intels come @_@
2 years ago#16
Hexacore Intel
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