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Will Civ V be dead when Beyond Earth releases?

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1 year ago#1
Will Civ V be dead when Beyond Earth releases? - Results (123 votes)
12.2% (15 votes)
76.42% (94 votes)
No comment
11.38% (14 votes)
This poll is now closed.
1 year ago#2
No. Civ 4 wont be dead, either.

Beyond Earth isn't Civ 6, it's not a replacement, it'll be fairly different.
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1 year ago#3

By law you will be required to forfeit your copy of Civ V on Steam. It happens all the time. New video game comes out, renders the previous installments of the franchise null.
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1 year ago#4
Is anybody even playing Civ games MP?
1 year ago#5
No, Beyond Earth doesn't have enough content to drive too many people away from IV/V.
1 year ago#6
No, I don't think it will die. I still play Civilization III and Civilization IV almost every week, and the message boards are still filled with active posters and new topics everyday concerning the older Civilization games, so you know people still play older Civilization titles even after all these years and new releases.
1 year ago#7
Apparently a sizeable portion of civ players like it for the history aspect (although civ does an extraordinarily bad job of doing this), so some are holding off on BE for just that reason.

Plus you'll get the people who'll be waiting for it to go on sale, to get expansions, or for the complete version to come out.

Still others think it's just a glorified mod of civ v

But yeah, Civ V will still have a large player base.
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1 year ago#8
All the Civ games have big followings, even when newer sequels come out. Not everyone likes sci-fi themes either so won't be buying Beyond Earth. I'm definitely getting it though, just not at launch. Don't have the funds.
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1 year ago#9
I'm also waiting too, but not really in any hurry to buy it because of the inevitable DLC and expansions that are going to come with the game.
1 year ago#10
I'm excited for Beyond Earth, but if you're a fan of this series you know the game is basically going to release incomplete.

There will be a minimum of two expansions.
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