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Is my CPU too hot?

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User Info: slyman19

2 years ago#1
Yesterday, after having my computer on all day in a somewhat hot room and playing Crysis 2 15 minutes before, my CPU was hovering around 48-52 Celsius. Is that too hot or does it take awhile to cool after playing a game?

i7-4770K not over clocked with stock fan.

Should I probably stop using it until I get a better fan?

User Info: SinisterSlay

2 years ago#2
Pretty cold for temps under load. Pretty hot for temps not under load.
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User Info: GunmaN1905

2 years ago#3
You shouldn't get worried before it gets close to 70, ~40-50 is fine, even for idle, especially during the summer.

User Info: microtoast

2 years ago#4
Thats fine

User Info: slyman19

2 years ago#5
I installed a new fan today and it's even worse. Just sitting on the main menu of Crysis 2, my temp is 67-72. My case has very good airflow and I applied the thermal grease according to the instructions. What should I do?

User Info: LordSeifer

2 years ago#6
you should leave it the way it was
^ this

User Info: slyman19

2 years ago#7
LordSeifer posted...
you should leave it the way it was

I switched it out because it was reaching 72 Celsius when I was playing Crysis with the old fan.

With this new one, I'm hitting 76 while playing Crysis 2.

User Info: DarkZV2Beta

2 years ago#8
What fan did you get?
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User Info: slyman19

2 years ago#9
DarkZV2Beta posted...
What fan did you get?

Hyper Evo 212

User Info: Izicial

2 years ago#10
You get into the 70s and are worried? Hell when I video edit and its using 100% of my CPU it goes up to like 90 C and I don't break a sweat.
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